4x4bux Terms of Service and Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 4x4Bux?
4x4Bux is a free service open for users from all over the world. We bring advertisers closer to their potential customers by displaying paid advertisements. Members can earn money by referring to other members and by clicking - viewing advertisements . Advertisers can gain traffic to their websites or programs by adding campaigns.

How does it work?
Register and log in into your account. Click View Ads from the menu to show the ads. Wait until the loading bar completes. Make the calculation and your account balance will be credited. If you are interested on our two PTP (Paid To Promote) programs, request information by sending a support ticket to us. As soon as your account balance reaches a certain treshold you can make a request for payout.

How much money can I make from my referrals?
Free Members earn $0.005 for each of their click and $0.001 for each of their referral's clicks. We also offer upgraded memberships that allows you to earn even more.

How often do I need to log in to prevent account termination?
You need to log in at least once every week to prevent account suspension and/or closure. Account termination is irreversible and all balances will be forfeited.

When I log off I see more ads than when logged on. How can that be?
Advertisers can set demographic filters to their campaigns, allowing only paid clicks of members from a certain country. Additionally there are advertisements that are clickable for upgraded members only.

How can I advertise at 4x4Bux? ---> CLICK HERE. This page will help you further in getting your advertisement campaign up and running.

Are all visits guaranteed?
Yes, you will receive the amount of visits you have ordered plus a 30% BONUS. We only count clicks from our members. Outside clicks from visitors are included in the package.

Are all member visits unique?
Yes, we only count one click per member per 24 hours. What kind of websites can I advertise? The following is not allowed if your website contains: • a frame-breaker • adult content • content that promotes spamming, racism, etc. We will also reserve the right to refuse advertisements from: • PTC sites • sites that do not match our criteria.

How can I contact 4x4Bux?
Click the contact button at the bottom of the page or visit us at: ---> FACEBOOK.

Terms of Service

1) By joining our program you automatically agree to the Terms of Service.
Members that do not agree to these terms should stop using our service and terminate their account immediately.

2) We are not responsible for any losses and/or damages of any kind arising out of the relationship between you and our program.

3) You are allowed to have one non paid account per IP address or household. Do not try to create more than one free account, as all of your accounts will be terminated and balances will be forfeited.

4) You have to provide a valid email address and your real name upon registering, to prevent an account suspension and/or delays on your payment.

5) It has to be stressed that auto-click software is in any kind prohibited. If we catch you using this kind of software, your account will be terminated without notice.

6) We remain the right to terminate your account in cases like, but not limited to, spamming, cheating or general misuse of the system.
To protect the investments from other members we will suspend inactive accounts.

7) Your upline cannot be changed.

8) All purchased items are non-refundable. Charge back or reverse transactions made on your purchases will lead to immediate account termination.

9) We remain the right to modify your account information and/or balances due to evident errors in the system.

10) In order to receive payouts you need to be an active member.

11) A screenshot of your payment proof MUST be posted in the Forum within 48 hours to prevent account suspension and/or delays on your next payment. -->Payment Proofs: click here

12) For Security reasons we only accept payments made through VERIFIED Alert Pay accounts, you may use Liberty Reserve as alternative payment processor, verification is not required for them.

13) In order to protect the investments of our members and to keep our database optimized the system will automatically perform the following tasks: • Auto-remove Standard members who didn't log in since the last 30 days. • Auto-suspend Standard members who didn't click since the last 10 days.

14) Support tickets will always be answered. Please be patient as we would do our best to answer as soon as possible. If you would like live information: Find us on FACEBOOK.

15) We NEVER suspend upgraded members, the only requirement is to click on 2 or 3 ads every 6 months to prevent account deletion due to inactivity.